Kein zurück!

It’s done. It’s really done. The final edition of my manuscript has been sent to the publisher and got approved for publication now!
Following weeks of additional layout work, last week I got informed that the manuscript will now be prepared for the printing and there’s nothing left for me to do except waiting for the final product. The point of no return is reached. My book will be published in July!
Additionally, the publisher has already started the advertisement of the book. It’s already available for pre-ordering on different book-seller’s webpages and I hope that it will sell accordingly! You can order your copy here. Do it. Now. 😉
And one more thing: I think the book cover looks amazing! It was also suggested by me ;-). I put some thoughts into the question how the topic of my project (mainly discrimination of people with disabilities) could be set correctly into a picture without serving the usual clichés. I actually found the cover picture (a black and white picture of a staircase in the sunlight) on and realized that it makes the perfect shot for the cover. Staircases were reported as discriminations of all people who use wheelchairs regardless of their social class background in my study and the chosen picture looks a little bit like a ying and yang sign…

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