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I graduated as a sociologist in 2005 and completed my PhD in 2016. I gained extensive international research expertise through multiple stations of my career, e.g. as a research fellow at the University of Cologne/Germany, as a research assistant at the University of New England/Australia or as a research associate at the University of Sydney/Australia. I am currently working as a freelancer for the Center for Disability Studies/University of Sydney. 

Before I became a researcher, I worked as a personal assistant for people with disabilities for more than eight years. As such, I later also chaired my company’s work council. With the experience of both worlds, research and practice,  I can ensure to offer the best-suited approach for better results for your company or single departments. Successful optimization of processes does not necessarily mean cutting costs or staff by all means. Sometimes, determining different perspectives and scrutinize for collective aims again can cause similar effects. By applying state-of-the-art qualitative research methodology and scientific analytical approaches I will determine what really matters for your company and how you can reach your goals and make your customers happy again. At AMSEL, Consulting is done in the original meaning and at its best.

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My skills and products are:

For social science research projects:

  • advice on and planning of qualitative research projects, including
    • planning and construction of semi-structured interview guides
    • conduction and recording of qualitative interviews (in person or telephone-based)
    • transcription of audio-recordings of interviews in German AND English language
    • software-based qualitative data analyses using different approaches, including coding and generation of categorial frameworks
  • drafting of research reports and scientific publications
  • conduction of literature searches and literature reviews

For professional advice and consulting in the social sector:

  • comprehensive analyses of the de-facto situation and the current status-quo of your company
  • analyses and feedback on your and your staff’s perceptions about your and their work and duties
  • adding an outside perspective if things ain’t clear anymore
  • re-defining aims and goals by taking everyone’s perspective into account
  • initiating first steps and setting milestones to reach your newly defined aims and goals
  • following-up on your milestones to ensure that your new paths keep your company on track

If you think that my skills could be an improvement for your projects, don’t hesitate to get in contact with me and ask for an estimate. Please refer to the contact page for further information.

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