Instagram advertisement and first media review

Since the publication of my book, the publisher used various ways to advertise it. However, I was still waiting for a post on Instagram. While a picture of the book cover and its content was already shared in an Instagram story by the publisher two weeks ago, it took until yesterday before the book was also posted into their regular feed. And this is how it looked like:

Of course, the book was set into the scene on a staircase which appears to become the unofficial symbol for my research 🙂


Also, the book was already reviewed in a journal. Unfortunately hidden behind a paywall, I could not read the whole review so far, but the German journal “neue caritas” which is the professional news journal for one of the biggest care providers in Germany (with a Catholic background) wrote:

"The insights into the intersections of discriminations are remarkable" neue caritas 16 (2018)

I cannot wait to read the whole review and hopefully many more to come.