Merry Christmas

To everyone who made 2018 special for Arne and AMSEL. May your holidays be merry and bright, see you all in 2019.

Finally, Dr.!

Today is a special day. For some reason. After almost two more years of waiting, I just received a WhatsApp-message from my father to which he attached ….. drumroll ….. my PhD certificate. The reasons why it took so long are multiple. First, I had to publish my PhD research and I had to send […]

Instagram advertisement and first media review

Since the publication of my book, the publisher used various ways to advertise it. However, I was still waiting for a post on Instagram. While a picture of the book cover and its content was already shared in an Instagram story by the publisher two weeks ago, it took until yesterday before the book was […]

German Disability Studies in Social Media

I am a disability studies researcher from Germany living abroad. Since moving away from Australia in 2016, I started to work remotely for the Centre of Disability Studies of the University of Sydney. However, even if working for an Australian University from overseas, I do not feel disconnected to former colleagues and co-workers. Despite having regular […]

Social Media Advertisements…

This morning, when I was searching for the exact weight of my book to send the specimen copies to the University’s library, I saw that had only one copy left in stock and asked me to hurry up with my order… Hence, the book appears to sell pretty well. However, after the publication of […]

Unboxing day…

Here it is! Last week my book got published. While I was moving to the UK last week, the publisher shipped a parcel to Liverpool which I just received today. I thought it would be the best to make a video about the unboxing and the hours before the parcel finally arrived here… If you […]